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Former NBA star Rex Chapman divisively suggests hospitals not treat the unvaccinated

After he suggested hospitals should be able to turn away those without COVID-19 vaccinations, a fiery debate raged online.

Rex Chapman has become quite the social media influencer since his days playing basketball in the NBA. Sometimes, his posts go viral for the light-hearted or inspiring posts and videos he shares. But on Tuesday, his name began to trend on Twitter after a particularly divisive post.

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Debate and outrage sparked after Chapman tweeted, “How about we all agree that hospitals have the right to turn away unvaccinated covid patients? They have freedom of choice too right? I’m sure the unvaccinated would have no problem with that — and it would solve a lot of problems.”

Chapman didn’t hold back either, continuing to create an entire thread about why he felt that those unvaccinated against COVID-19 should not receive medical care at hospitals.

“Why should non covid patients be denied hospital beds? You have a heart attack or some health crisis you are denied a bed because someone listened to Joe Rogan? Unvaccinated can’t possibly object because they don’t think the vaccine works. Everybody wins!”

His sentiments had support, though. Both actress Angela Belcamino and Arizona State Representative candidate Ryan Shead agreed with the former sports star.

Some tried to bring up Chapman’s issues with opioid addiction to try and counter his argument.

Many were still quick to defend him, like award-winning writer Tony Posnanski.

Several health professionals commented, showing just how divisive the comments were, suggesting this idea was in no way reasonable.

Others suggested that healthcare workers are so exhausted that the idea isn’t all that unreasonable after all.

However, a large majority of those commenting said that Chapman was being hypocritical due to a previous Tweet he made saying that, “It’s silly that all Americans don’t have healthcare. Sorry, I meant tragic.”

While it’s unlikely Chapman was hoping to be in the spotlight in such an extreme manner, the debate surrounding his divisive comments will likely continue for quite some time.

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