The Houston Astros Are On The Move

The Houston Astros are on the move… to the American League West, and their fans aren’t very happy with the change.  Well at least one fan anyway.  A Houston attorney claims the move will violate a lease agreement with Minute Maid Park.  Don’t lawyers have anything better to do?  This is a logical move for Major League Baseball.

New Astros owner Jim Crane will have his purchase approved by MLB since he agreed to move the team to the AL.  Agreed might not be the best choice of words, as strong-armed by Bud Selig may fit better.  Either way, they’ll leave the 6 team NL Central and go to the 4 team AL West.  That will even out the leagues at 15 a piece.  It’ll also put an end to baseball holding their interleague match ups all at the same time.  Their schedule will be more like the NBA (I sure do miss my NBA,) having teams play the other league throughout the year.

One other change that MLB will add is an extra Wild Card team.  The two best records from the non-division winners will play in a one game playoff to determine who continues on to the Divisional Playoff round.