Mark Jackson Off TV! “Momma There Goes That Man!”

I’m a happy NBA fan.  Even though my beloved Chicago Bulls were knocked out of the playoffs and the Evil Miami Heat look ready to win the Finals, I’m a happy NBA fan because Mark Jackson is heading to Golden State for his first coaching gig.  I won’t have to sit through Jackson’s annoying attempts at humor, his uncomfortable banter with fellow color analyst (and equally as bad) Jeff Van Gundy, and his loathsome catchphrase.

I cringe to even type it, let alone type it for a second time, “Momma there goes that man”…  terrible, just terrible.  He squeezes it into every broadcast, and it comes across as forced.  Give me something energetic and exciting, not some drab, boring, and monotone catchphrase heading into a commercial break.  I’ll finally be able to sit through basketball on ABC and ESPN again without dreading the phrase drop.

I’m rooting for Jackson to succeed.  Sort-of. I’m hoping for a long and mediocre career that will keep him away from a color analyst’s microphone for as long as I’m able to watch basketball.  The Detroit Pistons and the Toronto Raptors are currently looking for a head coach. Jeff Van Gundy, I’m pulling for you!