Penn State Needs To Clean House

For the sake of the school and the football program, Penn State needs to remove themselves as far as possible from anyone associated with the current coaching regime. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the only thing to do.

Head coach Joe Paterno is set to step down soon, according to the New York Times, but his should be just the first head to roll. The school needs to give themselves a clean slate.  Everyone must go. How can anyone associated with the current crop of coaches or athletic administration keep their jobs? What parent would send their son to play football at Penn State, knowing that someone employed by the school may have known about the disgusting child molestation taking place by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky? The only way to rid that stink off the university is to rid themselves of anyone and everyone.

The court of public opinion is all that matters in this situation. The perception is that the entire football program had a hand in the cover up, or at the very least knew about what was going on and did nothing. It’s not fair for those that truly were oblivious to the sexual abuse, but at this point it doesn’t matter. Clean house and hope the tarnished reputations of the innocent will recover, and that Karma will get at those that were guilty.