Every Scoring Play In The NFL Will Now Be Reviewed

The NFL will be back soon and with a new season comes the new rule changes. Back in March the NFL announced the new rules, the two most talked about being the new kickoff rules and the new replay rule, but it’s the replay rule that is getting more press of late.

The new rule states that every scoring play is subject to review.  Every touchdown, field goal, extra point, and safety will now be reviewed.  The worry from some is that this will severely slow down the game.  I say a few minutes a game to ensure things are correct isn’t a big deal.  Most scores are such no-brainers that the replay official can simply double check the replay while the special teams are running on the field to set up for the next play. And for the few plays that are in question, it’s better to get it right, regardless of a couple minute delay.

The owners approved the new rule by a 30-2 vote (look, the owners got something right). One pertinent reason for the change is that road teams often get the shaft when it comes to the jumbotron replays.  The home team’s scoreboard crew can take their time on the replay making it tough for the visiting head coach to know whether to throw his challenge flag. It’s just gamesmanship, but it’s not really fair. From CBS Sports;

“It’s a real big competitive disadvantage,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “You don’t get that look at it on the road that you get at home; they just don’t show it.”

In the grand scheme of things, the replay could allow the NFL to sneak in another commercial. Win/Win.