2 smash hit fantasy shows top Netflix’s weekly most-watched list


Now that Netflix has shifted the focus away from the four-week model and onto a ratings system that measures how many hours a project has been streamed for in total on a weekly basis, we’ve got a much better and in-depth knowledge of what constitutes a hit on the streaming service.

The platform has also split the rankings into English and non-English titles, and while that gives the company twice the scope to tout its own success, it does offer an insight into the increasing popularity of non-English film and television offerings among the global subscriber base.

Smash hit League of Legends animated series Arcane comfortably topped the English Top 10, having amassed 38.4 million minutes streamed over the last seven days. However, in terms of overall viewership, the action-packed adventure only comes third.

Korean supernatural horror Hellbound was the number one show on Netflix after amassing 43.5 million minutes, becoming the country’s second zeitgeist-seizing effort in quick succession following Squid Game. The sophomore season of Queen of Flow finished just ahead of Arcane with 38.6 million minutes, and with another run of the latter having already been confirmed, it’s looking good that the cliffhanger ending of Hellbound‘s sixth and final episode is going to be paid off eventually.