Netflix officially renews ‘Arcane’ for Season 2

Jinx from Arcane poses dramatically.
Image via Netflix/Riot Games

Netflix can sometimes take its sweet time when it comes to renewing popular shows for additional seasons, which often leaves subscribers waiting on tenterhooks. The streamer has canned plenty of fan favorite shows in the most unexpected fashion before, but that isn’t a fate set to befall Arcane.

Having topped the most-watched list in 52 countries around the world, become one of Twitter’s hottest topics of conversation and won rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, it was always a very strong possibility that the series set in the League of Legends universe was on track for many more additional runs.

Not only has the platform renewed Arcane for a second season, but the announcement came burdened with the news that it’s already in production, so the top brass evidently knew they had a huge hit on their hands given how swiftly the ball has been kept rolling.

Created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee, the action-packed animated fantasy celebrated the release of Season 1’s final three episodes by announcing that a whole new batch of adventures are on the way, and it’s music to the ears of viewers everywhere who found themselves enraptured by the stunning animation, top drawer voice acting and sheer scope and scale of the spectacle.