8 Questions We Want Answered When The Walking Dead Returns


The grisly yet engrossing season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead suggested lots of intriguing things to come. Sadly, the first half of the show’s seventh outing has been decidedly lacklustre. Thankfully, though, the midseason finale – titled “Hearts Still Beating” – promised that the story and character arcs would pick up when the series returns for episode nine in February.

To recap, the episode saw Rick finally get sick of being pushed around by Negan – who killed Spencer and Olivia this week – and vow to take him down. Daryl also escaped from the Sanctuary and united with the Alexandrians and Maggie when they all arrived at Hilltop. Seeing the characters all together again was hugely welcome and we can’t wait to watch them take the fight to Negan. But what exactly’s going to happen next, and where will our beloved group go from here?

Read on for 8 burning questions that The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale left us with that it needs to answer once it returns.