Aaron Sorkin Writing An HBO Miniseries For John Krasinski

Deadline is reporting that writer Aaron Sorkin is teaming up with HBO to write a miniseries for actor John Krasinski. The eight hour long series will be adapted from Raymond R. Sarlot & Fred Basten‘s book “Life At The Marmont,” which give us a behind the scenes look at the legendary Hollywood hotel The Chateau Marmont.

Aside from starring, Krasinski will also produce the project, which is set up at HBO. As I mentioned above, Sorkin will be penning the series which Krasinski describes as his chance “to tell the history of Hollywood using the Chateau Marmont as the epicenter.” He went onto say that “my dream is to have a whole slew of great actors—some very famous and some not famous at all, to make it an homage to Hollywood.”

No word on when this will get underway but with John Krasinski still locked into The Office and Aaron Sorkin working on his other HBO project, More As This Story Develops, it may be a while before we see the Chateau Marmont project go into production.

The project is exciting for a number of reasons. For one, it’s HBO, which should be enough to get anyone to watch. Aside from that though, both Sorkin and Krasinski are tremendously talented individuals. Sorkin is hands down the best writer in Hollywood and I’m personally a huge John Krasinski fan.

It could stem from my immense love of The Office or just from the fact that he’s a good actor, but either way, I’m a fan. He hasn’t done anything significant in the film world but when he does show up on the big screen, he’s usually the best part of the movie (I’m looking at you Something Borrowed). Hopefully this project will boost his recognition and help his post-Office career take off.

What do you think? Looking forward to this one?