The Actor Who Plays Arrowverse’s Bruce Wayne Has Been Revealed

Batman Begins

When a character like Batman has not only appeared on screen since 1943 but has also been recast numerous times, it only makes sense that fans find themselves attached to specific actors who’ve inhabited the role.

For instance, despite having featured in a campy TV show, a lot of people still stand by Adam West. This is mostly because his take on the hero boasted such conviction and embodied many of the qualities we associate with the Dark Knight. Likewise, there are tons of fans who would make compelling cases for the likes of Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy and Christian Bale, among others. But now there’s a new actor to add to the list. Well, kind of.

You see, earlier tonight, the Arrowverse finally revealed what its take on Bruce Wayne looked like on the season 1 finale of Batwoman, and you can catch a glimpse of him via the gallery below. But if you caught the episode, you’ll know that there was a bit of a twist.

As ScreenRant explains:

In the final scenes of Batwoman season 1, episode 20 (which serves as the show’s season finale due to the Arrowverse production shutdowns), Alice (Rachel Skarsten) puts one of her skin masks on Tommy Elliott (Gabriel Mann), as she’s been promising in exchange for him acquiring Lucius Fox’s journal for her. But this particular mask is of Kate Kane’s famous cousin, Bruce Wayne, who fans – and Alice – know to be Batman.

So yeah, it’s not actually Bruce/Batman we’re seeing here. Just someone “disguised” as him. But still, it technically counts as a new actor playing the role and that actor just so happens to be Warren Christie, who you might know from The Resident and Chicago Fire. Or, you may even know him from Arrow season 1, where he played Carter Bowen.

Of course, it’s unclear right now how long Tommy will remain disguised as Bruce, and what the plan is going forward. But still, this is no doubt a hugely exciting reveal and something that no one could’ve seen coming. Not to mention it’s a great way to cap off what’s been an otherwise uneven season of Batwoman and leave fans eager for more.