Adam Baldwin To Guest Star On TNT’s Leverage

The hit TNT series, Leverage, about a team of con men/women pulling a Robin Hood act, are expecting some company this season from actor Adam Baldwin.

Baldwin has signed on for an episode in the upcoming season alongside cast members Christian Kane and Timothy Hutton. What’s interesting is that he has history with both actors. Baldwin appeared in season 5 of Angel with Kane, and the film Ordinary People with Hutton. On top of that, he worked with executive producer Dean Devlin on both Independence Day and The Patriot. Talk about a reunion.

On the show, his character Col. Michael Vance runs a covert anti-terrorism unit for the government making use of his Army Ranger background and an agenda that might be all his own. Looks like Elliot (Kane) will have some fun in the episode.

No official word on whether or not this is a recurring role but my guess is this will turn into something more. With Nate (Hutton) and the crew on the  revenge path this season, they might need an ally in an unlikely place.

Leverage returns to TNT on Sunday, July 15th for its fifth season and after last season’s explosive ending, I already have my DVR set to record it.

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