Adrianne Palicki Comments On Failed Wonder Woman Pilot


As Wonder Woman comes off a highly successful box office run and is now ready to tackle the Blu-ray market, it’s only understandable that trivia concerning the Amazon Princess be discussed. Naturally, the character can lay claim to several projects that never came to fruition, just as other top tier superheroes can.

Believe it or not, two high profile endeavors featuring Diana Prince failed to launch within the past ten years. Odds are that you’re aware of Justice League Mortal by now, but one you may or may not have heard of was the ill-fated NBC television pilot from 2011. Set to have starred Adrianne Palicki, the prospective show would’ve further cemented her geek cred, having already been involved with both Supernatural and the Aquaman pilot that also was never ordered to series.

It would probably take us all day to discuss why this iteration of Wonder Woman never hit airwaves, but one gander at the costume which looks more like something one would wear for Halloween as opposed to something worthy of a Hollywood production should at least give you an inkling as to why. A far cry from Gal Gadot’s majestic getup, it’s quite understandable why the reaction from fans was overwhelmingly negative. Well, there’s that and the fact that the teleplay couldn’t have gotten the character any wronger.

Still, it’s a distinct honor to have played an icon of that stature in any kind of capacity, something Palicki herself reminisced on when recently speaking with The Hollywood Reporter:

“I was devastated when the pilot didn’t go. But I also look at it, like, I got paid to wear that costume. And that is one of the coolest moments of my life running down Hollywood Boulevard. Like, that was so cool. And I was — how lucky am I. And you know, everything for a reason. It led me here. You know what I mean? So as dark as those moments were back in the day, I’m happy and so glad that somebody else gets to wear that costume. I’m so glad that [Gal Gadot is] rocking it.”

Even though it’s fun to ponder what could’ve been, it’s really for the better NBC’s Wonder Woman never went forward. Had it done so, I shudder to think the possible damage it would’ve done to the character’s reputation, causing me to have flashbacks to 2004’s Catwoman flick. Suffice it to say, we likely never would’ve been treated to Patty Jenkins’ masterpiece, so I’m fine with this one being lost to the ages.

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