After Its Dramatic Start, Netflix’s Arcane Falls To A Contemporary Classic

Jinx from Arcane screaming
Image via Riot Games

Less than a week ago, Riot Games’ Arcane debuted as an unexpected hit, topping Netflix’s global rankings for best TV shows. But after that dramatic start, it seems Arcane is losing some of its steam.

Arcane dethroned Korean speculative horror-thriller Squid Game on Nov. 8 and remained dominant through the following day. But on Wednesday, Squid Game returned to first place slot worldwide, forcing Arcane into second. By Nov. 11, Arcane hit fourth place, where it remains today on Netflix’s top 10 list.

Arcane has gradually slipped in the U.S. as well, originally starting as the sixth most popular TV show in the States before reaching eighth on Nov. 9. Riot Games’ TV series now remains the ninth most popular show on the platform today.

Worldwide, Narcos: Mexico and You both outranked Arcane in second and third place, respectively. Granted, Riot Games’ animated show still remains in first place in a wide assortment of regions outside the U.S., including Bulgaria, Chile, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, and Russia, just to name a few countries.

Riot Games’ Arcane premiered on Saturday, Nov. 6 with its first three episodes. The series follows Jinx and Vi, two iconic League of Legends champions known for their diverging criminal origin stories.

While Riot is best known for its competitive multiplayer games, the company has increasingly branched out into animation in recent years, including creating animated music videos for its K-Pop League of Legends group K/DA, and a series of animated shorts for its competitive first-person shooter Valorant.

While Squid Game holds the lead over Arcane today, the tables could turn tomorrow, when the series’ three new episodes premiere. Arcane has until Nov. 20 to regain first place, when its first season concludes.