Alita: Battle Angel Prequel Show Reportedly Coming To Disney Plus

Alita Battle Angel

Fans may have been going to great lengths to campaign in a variety of ways to try and convince Disney to make a sequel to Alita: Battle Angel, but studios aren’t exactly known for caving in to online pressure, especially one as all-powerful and omnipotent as the Mouse House. Last year’s $170 million sci-fi epic quickly found itself becoming a cult favorite, but with the global box office only just crossing the $400 million barrier, it appeared as though the profit margins simply weren’t enough to make further adventures a reality.

Even the stars of the movie haven’t been shy in admitting that the chances of a follow-up are remote, despite Alita‘s recent surge in popularity. However, we heard just yesterday that Disney were reportedly considering making a sequel after all, with the monolithic corporation said to be hugely impressed with the home video sales and dedicated and loyal following that Robert Rodriguez’s blockbuster continues to amass.


And though a feature-length Alita sequel isn’t a 100% guarantee just yet, we’ve also heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk shows were coming to Disney Plus, and that the Mouse House is remaking Robin Hood – that even if they don’t decide to move forward with a second installment in the big screen franchise, they’re planning to do a prequel series for the streaming service. According to our intel, one idea under consideration is a show that takes place long before the events of the movie, when the title heroine was a front-line soldier in the war known as The Fall, which was briefly glimpsed during flashback sequences.

The streaming service can’t rely on small screen adaptations of their Star Wars and Marvel brands to power their original output forever, and the higher-ups reportedly believe that Alita: Battle Angel‘s popularity make it a prime candidate for further adaptations. They’re certainly right about that, too, as a lot of people would no doubt be hugely interested in an action-driven sci-fi series based around an inter-planetary war with apocalyptic consequences.