American Horror Story: Asylum Releases Four Eerie Teaser Trailers

Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe winning series American Horror Story is gearing up for its second season (subtitled Asylum), after the great reception and ratings for FX from the Ryan Murphy-created show. In preparation for its October release, four utterly sinister teaser trailers have been released for the twisted horror drama.

Titled “Special Delivery,” “Blue Coat,” “Hydrobath” and “White Rose” respectively, the four clips (which range from 10 seconds to 20 seconds in length) certainly don’t reveal anything overt regarding the plot of American Horror Story: Asylum, but if the first season’s promotional material was any indication you can be damn sure all of these themes and images will play some role in the sensory assault that is this show.

For season two, American Horror Story: Asylum will move away from the “murder house” and the Harmon family, which were the focus of the first season, and move onto – you guessed it – a (haunted) insane asylum. Though this will be a wholly unique adventure, cast members from season one including fan-favourite Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto will return in different roles.

With such a potent debut season, the onus is certainly on Murphy and his crew to bring on the scares and trademark grimness. A setting in an asylum home to murderous spirits and sadistic staff (that sound capable of making Nurse Ratched seem like Mary Poppins) certainly seems to fit the bill.

American Horror Story is mostly a masterwork of unpleasantness, twists and brutal imagery and exists as such a unique and grungy entity. In my opinion, it stands as one of the great television series of the decade. Those not carrying a penchant for horror fare or unsettling themes will find little to admire, but for TV viewers wanting to be challenged, this is a series you should check out.

Check out the clips below.

(Source: Screen Rant)