American Horror Story Season 6 Setting Involves A Roanoke Nightmare


Consider it a rumor no more: American Horror Story season 6 will involve a Roanoke setting in some capacity, as the ghastly reveal trailer above attests.

Stowed away safely in the bowels of FX HQ for months (the network even pumped out fake teasers to ensure fans were way off base all throughout AHS‘ marketing campaign), this is the first official confirmation of season 6’s backdrop that came hand-in-hand with Wednesday night’s premiere. Infusing old-school thrills and spills in a modern, mockumentary format, our own Isaac Feldberg was left with mixed feelings coming out of “Chapter 1,” but did praise the show’s ability to tap into that primitive fear of the unknown.


As for that old-timey setting, Roanoke refers to an abandoned settlement in North Carolina uncovered in the late 1500s. Often referred to as the lost colony, the settlers of Roanoke seemed to disappear without a trace all those years ago, leaving nothing but the word Croatoan carved into nearby trees. It’s a fascinating campfire story that has been explored across all sorts of fiction – Supernatural included – though questions remain as to whether American Horror Story season 6 will be strictly limited to a single setting – it’s worth remembering that American Horror Story: Hotel often ventured beyond the walls of the Hotel Cortez.

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare will continue when episode two premieres on September 21. Keep your peepers peeled on We Got This Covered as we’ll have full coverage of season 6 as it unfolds.

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