An Adult Animated Series Is Blowing Up On Netflix

A brand-new adult animated series is blowing up on Netflix. This past Friday saw the streaming giant launch the first season of Inside Job, the platform’s latest original comedy, perfect for anyone who’s ever watched The Office and wondered “Hey, what would you get if you mixed this with The X-Files?”

This high-concept work comedy revolves around the shadowy government organization Cognito Inc. It turns out all of the conspiracy theories are right and it’s these guys’ job to make sure no one finds that out. Lizzie Caplan stars as Reagan Ridley, a socially awkward tech genius who endeavors to keep the secrets of the world a secret while dealing with her kooky co-workers, including robots, human-dolphin hybrids, and psychic sentient mushrooms.

Christian Slater co-stars as Rnd Ridley, Reagan’s dad, who used to run Cognito Inc. himself before he lost his nerve. The rest of the cast includes Clark Duke, Tisha Campbell, Andy Daly, and Chris Diamantopoulos. The series was created by Shion Takeuchi, previously of Gravity Falls. The hit Disney show’s creator Alex Hirsch is also on board Inside Man as an exec producer and a voice actor.

Reviews have been very positive, with many critics favorably comparing it to Matt Groening’s Futurama for its mix of imaginative plotlines, satirical edge, and commitment to character development. Bender himself (John DiMaggio) is even part of the cast.

(Speaking of Groening, season 2, part 2 of Disenchantment is set to arrive on Netflix, too, at some point soon.)

But for now, folks are loving Inside Job, as it’s currently the tenth most-watched TV show on Netflix around the world, as per stats from Flix Patrol over the weekend. But if you’ve yet to check it out yourself, go find all 10 episodes of the series’ first season on the platform now.