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‘Anansi Boys’ BTS image reveals ‘Good Omens’ Easter Egg

Neil Gaiman's 'Anansi Boys' is currently filming in Scotland and appears to feature an Easter Egg reference to 'Good Omens'.

Michael Sheen as Aziraphale and David Tennant as Crowley in 'Good Omens'
Photo via Prime Video

Fantasy icon Neil Gaiman is set to have a great 2022. Netflix is putting the finishing touches on the long-in-development live-action adaptation of The Sandman, Good Omens recently called a wrap on the second season shoot, and an adaptation of his 2005 novel Anansi Boys is currently before the cameras in Scotland.

Now, in a fun twist, it appears that Anansi Boys will have a link to Good Omens. Edinburgh resident Stuart Arnott posted a picture from the set on Twitter that appears to show Michael Omen’s Aziraphale emblazoned on the side of a red double-decker bus. Check it out:

This is almost certainly an Easter egg rather than confirmation the two shows will fully cross over with one another, but it’s nice to see some nods across the rapidly expanding ‘Gaimanverse’. However, this might not be the only link between Gaiman’s TV adaptations.

Anansi Boys is set in the same world as American Gods and shares the character of ‘Mr. Nancy’. In Amazon’s American Gods, he was played by Orlando Jones, though Delroy Lindo has taken over the role for Anansi Boys. Even so, the trickster nature of the character means that even though the actor has changed, the role might remain the same.

Given that American Gods was canceled while Gaiman had begun planning the fourth season, Anansi Boys could end up providing some important plot information that gives that show a proper ending. However, if Anansi Boys is shooting now it likely won’t air until 2023, so we’ll face a substantial wait to find out.

Fortunately, The Sandman and Good Omens‘ second season will arrive before then. More on those as we hear it.

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