‘Andor’ enthusiasts ponder whether an unresolved plot point will feature in season 2

Andor episode eight
Screengrab via Disney Plus

Andor delivered an exceptionally tightly plotted first season. Over the 12 episodes we saw Cassian Andor’s evolution from a cunning-but-amoral junk dealer to a committed Rebel agent, slowly realizing the necessity of giving his life to fighting the Empire in any way possible.

However, there’s an early plot point that’s so far gone unresolved. In the first episode, we meet Cassian as he searches for his long-lost sister at a space brothel. We see the pair as children on the environmentally destroyed mining planet of Kenari, though he’s whisked away by Maarva and Clem before some apocalyptic calamity befalls the entire planet. However, he seems to believe his sister may have survived, and was on the hunt for her.

Maarva tells him this is a pointless quest and to forget about it. After that, she’s not mentioned, but could this dangling plot point return for season two?

Though the show certainly tries to underline that Cassian was the sole survivor of this group, there is evidence that his sister made it out alive:

It’s notable that throughout the show we learn that being from Kenari is very unusual, so that’s definitely points in favor of his sister being somewhere out there in the galaxy. But we have to agree that by this point he’s moved way beyond being focused on simple family ties:

We also think the “missing sister” plotline is a little too familiar for a show like Andor that’s trying to push boundaries:

Others believe we may have already met her. Is Cinta Andor’s sister?

But this is simply because they resemble one another?

Or, for maximum drama, maybe she’s now an Imperial:

We have a frustrating wait to find out the truth. Andor season two is currently shooting in the U.K. but won’t make it onto our screens until mid-to-late 2024. These will be the final 12 episodes of the show, eventually leading up to moments before we originally met Cassian in Rogue One, where his story comes to a very definitive end.

Andor is available to stream in full on Disney Plus.