‘Andor’ fans celebrate as a ‘Rogue One’ favorite returns

Image via LucasFilm/Disney

This article contains spoilers for Andor episode 7

This week’s Andor was another slow-paced character-focused episode, as every major player deals with the aftermath of the last installment’s daring heist. The Empire has immediately cracked down on all systems under its control, their intelligence operation is determined to find the culprits, Luthen’s in a celebratory mood, and Mon Mothma is beginning to realize that rebelling is perhaps a one-way street.

As for Cassian Andor? Well, after a trip back to Ferrix to tie up some loose ends, he’s been living it large in what appears to be Star Wars‘ take on Miami – but it’s not all sun and space mimosas. As the episode ended, the title hero ran afoul of the Imperial Shoretroopers, who were using a very familiar-looking droid to catch perps.

Yup, it’s a KX Unit that may well become Rogue One‘s K-2SO, the security droid reprogrammed by Cassian to become one of his closest allies. Right now, we don’t know whether the KX droid in this episode is K-2SO or not (he’s billed as simply ‘KX Unit’ and voiced by Aidan Cook rather than Alan Tudyk), though the implication is definitely there.

And, after a six-year wait, Rogue One fans are over the moon:

The KX-series is looking great:

An unexpected return:

Great to see him getting some rays:

Fans are loving the surprise reveal:

With Cassian about to head to an Imperial prison, we’ll likely see much more of the KX series in the coming weeks, meaning we may witness him create K-2SO very soon. It’s worth mentioning there’s already a Marvel comic showing how Cassian met K-2SO, though this is likely to be retconned as the show goes its own way.

For now, let’s just hope we see Tudyk back voicing one of the best Star Wars droids very soon.