Andrew Lincoln Teases Rick And Michonne Having Kids On The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead season 8 was tough on Rick Grimes, to say the least. Though the finale saw him best Negan at last, the war with the Saviors cost him the life of his son Carl along the way. And while the former sheriff will always miss him, could that hole be filled with more children in future seasons? Perhaps Rick and Michonne could try for a baby of their own at some point?

This was the question posed to star Andrew Lincoln recently. In response, the British actor joked that he’s pretty sure the couple have at least been spending some quality time together now that peace has been restored. “I think that’s all they’ve been doing during the hiatus,” he said.

This isn’t the first time that Lincoln has spoken about the possibility of Rick and Michonne having kids. Last year, he seemed very enthused about the idea. “I think we need to repopulate the earth,” Lincoln said at the time. “Yes, yes, and thrice, yes. Let’s get it on.”

His co-star, Dania Gurira, didn’t sound quite as convinced by the idea, however, as she made a good point that a natural fighter like Michonne would probably struggle with the pregnancy period. “Michonne would have to think about that a little,” Gurira said. “She likes being agile.”

So, could this actually happen, then? Rick hasn’t had another child beyond Carl and Judith in the comics, but that doesn’t really mean anything considering he isn’t even romantically involved with Michonne in the source material. Plus, Michonne becoming pregnant could prove to be a necessary plot point, considering that Gurira is likely to get increasingly busy with the Marvel universe over the next few years as the actress plays Wakandan general Okoye.

Seeing as The Walking Dead season 9 may jump ahead a bit, if it’s following the comics, we could feasibly get a Rick or Michonne Jr. sooner than we think. Time will ultimately tell, but let us know in the comments section if you’d like to see the couple have a child.

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