Anthony Rapp Says Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Is Much Lighter In Tone


“To go boldly where no one has gone before…”

That’s been Star Trek‘s time-honored motto from the get-go, though it’s fair to say that CBS’ recent Discovery series was unusually dark when compared to what we’ve gotten used to over the years. Not that we’re complaining, mind you, as it still presented us with an excellent season of television, full of compelling characters and tantalizing plot twists. But for its sophomore outing, you can expect things to be a bit lighter.

Or at least, that’s according to Anthony Rapp. The actor, who plays Paul Stamets on the show, was speaking about the upcoming run at Star Trek Las Vegas the other week and explained that a lot of the darkness in season 1 came from the fact that Captain Lorca was from the Mirror Universe.

So much of the darkness was informed by the fact that our captain was from the Mirror Universe. Everything was geared toward telling that story. And how do we reach our ideals, sometimes you have to go through darkness to come out and realize what you really hold up to be true. So, yes it was unfamiliar in some ways, but it was still ultimately steeped in the tenets and beliefs in this universe, always. Going to humanity’s higher purpose. But, yes, it was unusually dark.

Given Anson Mount’s introduction as Captain Pike in season 2, things will lighten up considerably, with Rapp explaining that he sets a very different tone.

So in [season two] we have moved through this and come out the other side. Pike is sort of an exemplary captain. He is exactly the kind of familiar Starfleet captain you would always want. And I think that alone sets such a different tone. And yes, there is certainly more humor, but there is also this settling that happens after all the craziness of season one and all the massive events. Now, in season two, so much of it gets to settle and we get to deal with it. And there is time and space for all of that, which is really satisfying.

The second installment of CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery series is expected to drop early next year, when Ethan Peck will be joining Sonequa Martin-Green and Co. on the flight deck as the legendary Spock.