‘Archive 81’ will not get a season 2

Netflix debuted Archive 81 in January. Star Dina Shihabi was hoping for a second season the same month, but, alas it was not to be and today Netflix revealed the horror drama also starring Mamoudou Athie will not go on for the service.

The story was reported by Deadline Hollywood earlier today. Their report expressed surprise as the show did crack Netflix and Nielsen’s top ratings and was briefly the top-watched show on Netflix before Ozark returned, but also noted it is possible the budget of the series did not sync up with the number of eyeballs which ultimately paid it attention.

The piece was produced by James Wan and starred Athie as archivist Dan Turner. In the story, Turner takes a job restoring videotapes from 1994 and along the way realizes he is reconstructing a filmmaker’s earlier investigation into a dangerous cult. As Turner gets drawn in, he begins to believe he can mount a rescue. As well, this is also Athie’s third project for Netflix. He was previously in Uncorked and Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down as Grandmaster Flash.

Online, reaction from fans to the news has been a sense of devastation and upset as of this story being filed. Several said they only watched the show because of Athie, others said they definitely would have checked out a second season, and, for one user, the company needed to speak out to soothe their very displeased female sibling;

The eight-episode first and now only season is still available.