Arrow EP Teases More Old Friends Returning For Series Finale

Arrow season 8

Even though the actress vacated the show at the end of season 7, it was just announced that Emily Bett Rickards is returning to Arrow for its series finale this January. Fans are overjoyed at the news, as it means the relationship between Oliver Queen and his wife Felicity Smoak, that’s been the backbone of the show for so many years, will get some closure.

What’s more, it seems like Felicity won’t be the only familiar face returning for the season 8 finale. In response to Stephen Amell’s tweet welcoming Rickards back to the show, Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim offered his own thoughts on her comeback. “No other way to do our finale,” the writer/producer said. And here’s the bit that will make fans pay attention: “You’ll find out about more old friends returning in the coming weeks.”

Arrow‘s last season has already managed to bring back numerous former stars of the long-running CW series. The opening episode, for example, saw the returns of Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlyn), John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) and Susanna Thompson (Moira Queen), thanks to a trip to Earth-2. Willa Holland just came back as Thea, as well, in the season’s third episode. Still, it’s exciting news to hear that even more “old friends” will feature in the finale.

It’s unknown which Felicity will return for the last episode – contemporary Felicity, who’s off raising her baby daughter, or the 2040 Felicity who was last seen being taken through a portal by the Monitor to reunite with her husband. But presuming Rickards will have a substantial role, then maybe both.

Speaking of her daughter, Katherine McNamara’s Mia Smoak will lead the upcoming Green Arrow & the Canaries spinoff show. Does Rickards’ return mean she could appear in that, too? It’s probably a bit too soon to speculate, but it seems like a good bet.

In any case, we should learn more in no time at all, as Arrow season 8 continues Tuesdays on The CW.