Arrow Fans Petition To Have A Green Arrow Statue In Vancouver

Arrow season 8

The story of Oliver Queen, the green-hooded vigilante of Star City, is now at its end. After making a heroic sacrifice during the recent “Crisis on Infinite Earths” in an effort to kickstart the multiverse again, the Green Arrow became a symbol of heroism for anyone who wished to continue the fight.

But looking past the Arrowverse for a minute, and star Stephen Amell’s dedication over the course of Arrow‘s eight seasons has been instrumental to the rise of superhero dramas. After all, Arrow paved the way for an entire interconnected franchise, which now encompasses The FlashSupergirl, Batwoman and more. And with several new shows on the way as well, it looks like the Arrowverse will continue to thrive and live on.

Oliver Queen himself is gone, though, but he’s certainly not been forgotten about and in order to ensure that his memory remains, thousands of fans have begun to petition to have a Green Arrow statue put up in Vancouver to commemorate the hero, as the show filmed in the aforementioned Canadian city throughout its entire run.

Here’s how the petition reads:

Arrow which started the entire birth of The Arrowverse Concludes its 8th and Final Epic Legendary Story of The Green Arrow and i think givin the fact it was all filmed in Vancouver, BC Canada it would do a Great Tribute and Justice to Both Fans and Arrow Actor Stephen Amell to have The Green Arrow Statue Made for the Finale to be Permanently Placed in Vancouver’s Crab Park as seen at the End of Arrow Season 8 episode 9 and the final 10th episode.

Frankly, this wouldn’t be a bad idea, even if it’s unlikely to happen, and if nothing else, just goes to show what an impact Arrow has had on its fans over the past eight seasons. It’s truly been an incredible ride and clearly, many are sad to see it go.

But go it will, and things will come to a close tomorrow, January 28th, when The CW airs episode 8×10 “Fadeout.” Seeing as how Oliver is dead, the finale will mostly focus on his funeral. Which means that many familiar faces will be returning to bid goodbye to the beloved hero.

Tell us, though, are you ready for Arrow to end? Or are you still mourning the loss of Mr. Queen? As always, let us know by dropping a comment down below.