Arrow Star Says His Character Should’ve Killed Off Felicity


If you’re an “Olicity” shipper, then I imagine you’re going to be savoring the next four episodes of Arrow for all they’re worth. The reason I’m saying that is because, as those who’ve kept up with news pertaining to the series are aware, Emily Bett Rickards will soon be exiting the show, and has opted to not stick around for the eighth and final season.

At the time of this writing, it remains unknown exactly how Felicity Smoak will be written off, but we’ve been given hints as to how it may happen. Personally, I think a string of events yet to unfold will lead “Overwatch” to arrive at the decision to leave Star City behind and raise her baby in seclusion.

Someone who’d beg to differ though is that of Kirk Acevedo, who thinks his character of Ricardo Diaz should’ve put the kibosh on Felicity. Here’s what he had to say of the desired grim ending while speaking at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Chicago:

“They should’ve had me kill her. Because that would’ve been better for the storyline, right?

“You can’t just have her walk away. They should’ve had me kill her. Simple. Wrap.”

Actually, this isn’t the first time Acevedo has spoken of such a thing, as he said the the following to me at last year’s Motor City Comic Con when discussing his season 7 wishlist:

“I wanna kill off some big people. I’m being dead serious. I want Top Three.”

And when I brought up Felicity, he responded with this:

“Yes, that’s my goal. I don’t think that’ll happen. I want to at least get Oliver Queen’s arm. I don’t know if I can ever kill him, but I want his arm. I want damage done.”

Right now, it’s hard for Diaz to do anything because he’s presumed dead after being burned alive by Emiko Queen. Then again, we never saw him breathe his last with our own eyes, so it’s entirely possible that “The Dragon” will resurface sometime soon.

Arrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.

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