Is Arrow’s Stephen Amell Teasing The Arrival Of Smoak Technologies?


As is the case with any TV show, various in-jokes and seemingly innocuous additions to the mythology can be made throughout the years, thus making us wonder if and when they’ll be paid off. When it comes to Arrow, viewers have been asking about the dangling thread that is Smoak Technologies for some time now.

Having been previously referenced when the Waverider crew ventured to Star City in the year 2046 during Legends of Tomorrow season 1, as well as being part of a virtual experience in Arrow‘s portion of the “Invasion!” crossover during its fifth year, it’s become hard to ignore the possibility that Felicity Smoak will one day found her own company.

Now, we advise that you not approach this latest development with 100% seriousness, but it’s worth noting that lead actor Stephen Amell recently posted a picture of himself wearing a Smoak Technologies shirt in public over on Twitter, which you can view below.

Granted, Amell could be messing with us all, but he had to know he’d incite much speculation by doing something so deliberate. I mean, he’s been sharing some of his vacation and convention going experiences during the off-season on social media for the past couple months, but many of those have been more on the casual side. This, however, has turned more than a few heads.

Don’t forget, this is a subject that even Emily Bett Rickards herself discussed not long ago:

“Because it’s been teased in a future world in one of our universes, it’s definitely a possibility. But it also is one of those things where we don’t have to do it. I think it would be extremely enjoyable to see what’s next there.”

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday nights this fall on The CW, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where the story goes from here.