Arrowverse EP Talks Possible Crossover With Titans


These days, it seems like we just expect for shared universes and crossovers to be the norm. After the Marvel Cinematic Universe proved it could be done, Warner Bros. followed suit by establishing their own – albeit two different ones – in the form of the DC Extended Universe and The CW’s Arrowverse. And while keeping those entities separate has often been contested by fans, I’m of the opinion that it’s for the best, as it allows for the film and television divisions to have creative freedom.

Still, some red tape remains, for certain DC shows can’t intermingle due to being broadcast on different networks. Sure, it’s valid to bring up the Flash/Supergirl crossover that went down in spring of 2016, but it’s important to note that a joint venture involving The CW and CBS wasn’t too hard to pull of because The CW, in fact, stands for “CBS/Warner Bros.” Thus, a crossover between, say, Arrow and Gotham may be a bit harder to pull off, with the latter airing on Fox.

Taking all that into account, superhero aficionados are wondering whether Arrowverse characters will ever be able to team up with those appearing on the upcoming Titans series. Here’s what Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim had to say about that when asked at ACE Comic Con over the weekend:

“Great question, again, above my pay grade. I will say this, the one thing I’ve learned is ‘never say never.’ I could not begin to tell you how often we say to each other, ‘We never thought any of this was going to happen. We never thought we’d see all these characters. We never thought there’d be a universe.’ So, never say never, but in terms of which characters be on which shows, what’s part of the universe, above my paygrade and probably that’s a good thing.”

To be frank, it all comes down to however thick the red tape surrounding the new DC streaming service that Titans will call home will be. Well, that and which characters the series will utilize. In other words, if it debuts its own unique versions of Kid Flash, Speedy and Deathstroke, then it’s probably safe to say that an Arrowverse crossover is off the table.