Arrowverse Fans Are Going Crazy Over The New Batwoman


The Arrowverse faced a major hurdle earlier this year when Ruby Rose announced she was stepping down from Batwoman after just one season. We soon found out that Kate Kane will be written out with Rose, and a new character will be brought in to replace her. Fans were suspicious whether this was the right thing to do, so it all depended on who The CW found as the new Crimson Knight. And earlier this evening, they finally confirmed who it is.

Javicia Leslie (God Friended Me) is officially the next woman to don the Caped Crusader’s cowl. And fans are loving it. Social media is already going crazy with excitement, and folks can’t wait to see Leslie make her mark as the new Batwoman.

Some fans were immediately impressed with Leslie’s statement on her casting, in which she discusses her pride at being “the first Black actress” to be Batwoman and, as a bisexual woman, to be joining a show she describes as being “a trailblazer for the LGBTQ+ community.”

Likewise, there’s a lot of love going around for the fact that the new Batwoman is a person of color.

Leslie’s casting is already getting people who don’t watch the show considering switching on, too.

Flash and Black Lightning team-up when?

No, really… When?

Other folks are still loyal to the character of Kate Kane and remain unsure that removing her from the picture is for the best. None the less, they’re willing to give Leslie’s new vigilante a fair trial.

She’s going to be a “killer hero,” apparently.

As a leaked character breakdown previously revealed, Javicia Leslie is indeed playing Ryan Wilder, an original creation for the Arrowverse. A former drug-runner evading the law, she’s described as “an out lesbian. Athletic. Raw. Passionate. Fallible. And very much not your stereotypical all-American hero.”

Batwoman season 2 will premiere on The CW in January 2021.