Four New Arrowverse Shows Rumored To Be In The Works At The CW


All the signs are pointing to “Crisis on Infinite Earths” shaking up the Arrowverse in some major ways. Not only will it feed into the end of Arrow, which concludes with its eighth season this year, but it’s also widely believed that the multiversal event will lead to a soft reboot of the franchise, likely with the many worlds coalescing into one.

A new rumor even goes so far as to claim that four brand new DC shows will arrive on the air in the post-Crisis CW-verse. The Lords of the Long Box have shared a lot of interesting intel recently, including that Titans may crossover with the Arrowverse in “Crisis,” and their latest scoop is that the network has four properties in the works from producer Greg Berlanti.

The four rumored shows center on the Metal Men, Dial H for Hero, the Question and Deadman. Of these titles, the Question is the one that’s been linked to the Arrowverse most often before now. Fans have said that the faceless vigilante would be a good fit for the franchise for years, with Kevin Smith recently putting himself forward to direct a Question TV series.

Deadman would also be an interesting addition to The CW’s line-up. They’re losing two of their popular supernatural shows this season in the form of iZombie and Supernatural, so they might be inclined to go for a series starring a disembodied spirit who can possess people’s bodies. You can easily see how that concept could fit an episodic template, too.

As for the other two, they’re less well-known properties so are more surprising choices for screen adaptation. That said, the Metal Men – a super-team of robots made of different metals – were lined up for a movie helmed by Men in Black‘s Barry Sonnenfeld in 2012. Dial H for Hero, meanwhile, is a lighter comic in which an ordinary man becomes a superhero thanks to a magical dial.

It’s best to take this news with some skepticism right now, but it is a fact that The CW is working on at least one new Arrowverse show for the 2020/2021 season. Will it be one of these 4, though? Time will tell.