The Titans Will Reportedly Be Part Of Crisis On Infinite Earths


Crisis on Infinite Earths” is going to be the biggest Arrowverse crossover yet, as it won’t just bring together the stars of The CW’s DC universe but will draw on those from various other media as well. Brandon Routh’s suiting up as Big Blue again for the first since Superman Returns, Justice League‘s Kevin Conroy’s finally portraying Bruce Wayne in live-action and Burt Ward is playing an older version of his Robin from Batman ’66. Holy unlimited potential, Batman!

These are some classic DC properties, but will any of the other current DC TV shows on the air feature in the event? We haven’t heard anything official on that front just yet, but one new rumor is pointing to DC Universe’s Titans potentially crossing over with the Arrowverse in “Crisis.”

The source for this is Lance Ausfresser, the admin of Titans Together TNT – a Facebook group dedicated to discussing the streaming service show. He declared on his page: “The Titans will be part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.” However, Ausfresser remarks that he doesn’t know exactly which characters will appear.

Obviously, feel free to take this information with some skepticism for the moment, but there has been talk of an Arrowverse crossover for Titans since its arrival last year. Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim has previously teased “never say never” when asked if it could ever happen. That said, The CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that no talks had occurred as of February this year. Just because this was true at the time though doesn’t mean it is now.

In any case, Titans reaches its second season this September. The five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” meanwhile, kicks off in December. While we wait for it to arrive, tell us, how excited would you be to see the likes of Robin, Starfire and co. team up with the Arrowverse heroes? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.