Arrowverse Stars Reportedly Not Happy With The CW And Threatening To Quit

The Flash

Legends of Tomorrow star Dominic Purcell caused a stir online last week, when he shared that he was leaving the Arrowverse as Mick Rory after this current season. In his now deleted Instagram post, Purcell suggested the reason he was walking away from the role was because the studio “doesn’t care.” In a confusing turn of events, he later took back his earlier claims in another post and revealed he’ll return as Heatwave in a recurring capacity from now on.

All this has left DC fans confused about what’s really going on behind the scenes. It’s possible this was all just some wild negotiation tactic and there’s no truth to what Purcell was saying, but it’s also possible that there is and the actor backtracked on his initial statement after being told off by the network. And according to tipster Daniel Richtman, it’s the latter option.

Richtman claims that the various Arrowverse shows are having “a lot of issues” right now as many of the stars are “wanting to leave” due to the behavior of “the producers and higher-ups.” We don’t know exactly what that means, though, as that’s all the info the scooper has provided at this stage. but if this intel is accurate, it’s possible that the actors in question feel underappreciated by The CW, as Purcell’s original comments suggest.

Is this all a matter of the stars not being paid what they think they’re worth? Maybe, though Richtman has also reported that the network is willing to throw all kinds of money at Grant Gustin to convince him to stay on for more seasons of The Flash. So perhaps it’s the supporting players of the franchise, like Purcell, and not the series leads that are feeling unhappy with the execs.

The CW has yet to release an official statement about Purcell’s future with the Arrowverse and the actor himself has removed all of his posts discussing the situation, without commenting further. As things stand, then, it certainly does look like there’s some discord brewing between the network and its stars.