Dominic Purcell Says He Has No Beef With WB Over Legends Of Tomorrow Exit

Legends of Tomorrow

It’s been a strange few days for Legends of Tomorrow. Some now-deleted Instagram posts from Dominic Purcell, who plays Mick Rory/Heat Wave, got people talking about his upcoming exit from the series, and another update has both clarified things and confused them even more.

In the first post, Purcell seemed to be stating he has an issue with how he was treated by the studio, indicating that they perceive actors as expendable assets rather than real people with emotions, with it not being uncharitable to suggest that the bottle of beer seen in his hand in the post’s image was not the first he’d drunk before writing it. He followed it up the next day claiming it was a joke, although most people failed to see what was meant to be funny about it, and affirmed both an ongoing relationship with Legends’ producer and a periodic return to the show.

He’s now clarified his clarification, stating everything written was of his own volition and explaining his provocative word choice, saying:

“No-body has forced me to make this statement… Yes my tone was heavy [and] straight to the point. I use cuss words cause I do and I’m Australian, it’s who I am. Do I have beef with the studio at @warnerbrostv? NO! Yes I said they don’t care. That’s not correct, of course they do – just me being emotional over stuff. We all work in a big machine. Sometimes shit happens. It’s life. I have and always have had a tremendous relationship with the bosses and the studio.”

Legends of Tomorrow

He then went on to reiterate the position of his future return to the show after his departure as a regular, stating:

“I am leaving Legends of Tomorrow on a full-time basis. I will come back periodically with a handshake deal with my boss Phil Klemmer. I haven’t quit. My contract is up. 6 years not 7. I’ve never quit on a contract and never would. So to all the fans, you will see me again next year on season 7 periodically.”

All in all, it’s a bizarre situation to write about, and one that seems solely driven by Purcell posting what was either an ill-advised drunken prank or a very odd attempt at humor, absent of any input from official spokespeople.

Either way, what’s clear is that despite Mick leaving the ever-rotating ensemble of Legends of Tomorrow, the circumstances of his departure will allow him to remain a part of it. Given his growth from someone who was originally considered surplus to the requirements to one of the most consistently entertaining characters on the show, keeping him around in any capacity will only be a good thing.