Ashton Kutcher Is Walden Schmidt On The New Two And A Half Men

After weeks of speculation that had Ashton Kutcher playing himself, playing an actor, even playing Charlie Harper (the character formerly played by Charlie Sheen), we now know the identity of Ashton Kutcher‘s Two and a Half Men character. His name is Walden Schmidt and according to TV Line he is an internet billionaire with a broken heart.

Taken together with what we already know about the two part premiere of Two and a Half Men on Monday, September 19th, Walden Schmidt will likely be the winning bidder when Charlie Harper’s Malibu beachside home goes up for sale. Previous reports have a number of big name guest stars vying for Charlie’s beach front pad in the season premiere.

Appearing at the annual Television Critics Association gathering in Los Angeles today, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler refused to confirm the reason why Charlie’s house is for sale. However, reports from the set have Two and a Half Men producers plotting an all star funeral for Charlie Sheen‘s former character.

“There is great value in hiring Ashton Kutcher. He is extra professional, a funny, talented gifted actor who comes with a tremendous amount of commitment and enthusiasm.” Tassler then praised the show’s writers and producers. Of the two part season premiere Tassler said “A tremendous amount of weight and effort have been put into this episode,” said Tassler.

Critics openly scoffed when it was revealed that the cast of Two and a Half Men would not be appearing at the TCA event. Tassler told the assembled reporters that the cast was in production to which everyone replied that most of CBS’s shows are in production but many cast members were still on hand. Ms. Tassler went on to explain that the mystery of Two and a Half Men‘s new season is part of the marketing.

Meet Walden Schmidt when Two and a Half Men returns to CBS on Monday, September 19th.