Astounding New Trailer For Young Justice: Outsiders Debuts


While the very young DC Universe streaming service is slowly but surely beefing up when it comes to original content, what they do have to offer is far from shabby. So far, the live action Titans series has proven to be much, much better than originally expected, and it’ll soon be joined by yet another show focused on adolescent heroes.

You see, 2019 is set to kickoff with a bang when Young Justice: Outsiders becomes the second series to make its way to the app, thereby finally satisfying fans who’ve been clamoring for a third season ever since Cartoon Network pulled the plug a few years back.

I don’t know about you, but I was quite excited when the first trailer dropped over the summer, so you can imagine how geeked I am to see yet another substantial video package surfacing online. Found at the top of this article, it gives us our best hints yet at what to anticipate from what could be the best season to date.

Right now, not a whole lot is known about the overarching plot, but we’re left more breadcrumbs regarding the situation involving a growing metahuman trafficking problem. It’s heavy stuff for a cartoon spotlighting younger characters, sure, but mature storylines are one quality among many that made fans fall in love with Young Justice in the first place.

As you sift through the footage, you’ll no doubt see returning favorites such as Nightwing, Superboy and Bart Allen, who’s actually gone on to inherit the mantle of Kid Flash from the late Wally West. Not only that, but older crimefighters like Batman and Wonder Woman sport costumes comparable to those in the Justice League DTV movies, and there’s also the matter of a new Robin running around who looks an awful lot like Damian Wayne. It’s cool stuff, that’s for sure.

Young Justice: Outsiders premieres on Friday, January 4th on DC Universe.