‘Attack on Titan’ episode 81 synopsis and promo image tease the end of the world

Attack on Titan Thumb
by Keane eacobellis

After last week’s explosive Attack on Titan outing, the world braces itself for Eren Yeager’s insane plan in the upcoming 81st episode, “Thaw.”

Warning: Spoilers to follow for Attack on Titan episode 80, “From You, 2000 Years Ago.”

When Eren touched Ymir the Founder in episode 80, we got to learn the history behind the Titans, and how she came to inherit their powers in the first place. Detailing a life spent in slavery, Ymir reveals that she has spent more than 2,000 years as a lifeless husk, making Titans and carrying out the will of the Royal Family.

Upon hearing this, Eren reaches out and frees her. “You’re not a slave,” he insists. “You’re not a god, either. You’re just a human being.” Ymir then gives the protagonist her powers, allowing him to unlock the full potential of the Founding Titan. Eren then wields this force to initiate the Rumbling, announcing his plans to decimate the population of the world.

Episode 81, “Thaw,” will undoubtedly pick up where its predecessor left off, with Eren and his army of Colossal Titans marching to destroy the entire world. At least, that’s according to the official synopsis, courtesy of shingeki.tv, which you can see below.

“The earth is rumbling. A cloud of dust rises to the sky. A flock of Titans is moving ahead. The walls of the island are now gone. No one will be able to stop Eren until he exterminates the life that exists out there in the world.”

Official promo pic for Attack on Titan episode 80 – “Thaw”

Will Mikasa and Armin be able to talk some sense into Eren? Or will Eldians be forced to stop their friend and brother-in-arms? “Thaw” will answer all of these questions when the episode premieres next Sunday on Crunchyroll.