‘Attack on Titan’ series finale synopsis teases revelations about Eren and his true motive

Image via MAPPA Ltd

Attack on Titan has revealed the official synopsis for the delayed series finale, “The Dawn of Humanity,” that teases a focus on Eren Yeager and his plan to destroy the world through the Rumbling.

Eren has been absent from the show over the past few episodes, relentlessly marching with his army of Colossal Titans towards the rest of the befuddled and about to be trampled world. Now, hundreds of millions of lives are at stake as an alliance of remaining protagonists races towards the MC to stop him from seeing this madness through.

Now, the upcoming 87th episode, which is supposed to be the series finale, teases that Eren will be back as the main focus of the narrative, in an outing that may finally explain why he’s committing genocide on a scale the likes of which the world has never seen.

There’s also a promo still (courtesy of shingeki.tv) that takes us back to the days he spent in Liberio, so it’d be wise to assume the story is going to spring a whole slew of new twists on fans. Check out the promo logline and still for yourself below.

“What we saw that day. What we talked about that day. What we chose that day. All of this was what he wanted. He hasn’t changed at all.”

Screenplay: Hiroshi Seko / Director: Hidekazu Hara

Image via MAPPA Ltd / Attack on Titan: The Final Season

As Attack on Titan fans might tell you, “The Dawn of Humanity” is actually the 130th chapter in the manga series, which leaves MAPPA with nine more chapters to cover in order to conclude the story, increasing the likelihood of the Japanese anime studio announcing a surprise feature-length episode in the upcoming weeks.

“The Dawn of Humanity” airs on Crunchyroll on April 4.