‘Attack on Titan’ fans going crazy over this character’s utter savagery in latest episode

Image via MAPPA Ltd / Attack on Titan: The Final Season

This week’s episode of Attack on Titan predictably continued to depict the fight between the Alliance and the Yeagerists, but producer MAPPA decided to take things a step further by giving us one of the most gruesome fight sequences in the entire series — one that’s not even in the manga.

During last week’s outing, “Traitor”, the group of remaining protagonists came to terms with killing their comrades for the greater good. And, in what will probably go down as one of the few instances in fiction where that “greater good” isn’t just an excuse to commit terrible atrocities, the characters were actually compelled to cut their way through the Yeagerists in a desperate attempt to stop Eren from destroying the entire world.

“Retrospective” depicts this battle in earnest, showing how each of the characters takes on their share of the burden and sees it through. For Mikasa, that involved a sequence where she went absolutely ham and butchered a dozen Yeagerists in creatively gory ways.

Fans are now essentially losing their minds over on social media after witnessing this savagery by one of the main characters, especially since the source material didn’t have this part, to begin with. Here are some of the things they’ve been sharing on Twitter.

We’re still not sure what to make of this, but it looks like Mikasa needs a hug, guys.

Ackerman is no doubt preparing herself, both mentally and physically, to go up against Eren, the love of her life. However, what will take place in that heartbreaking confrontation is something that only the series finale — “The Dawn Of Humanity”, slated for release on April 4 — can answer.