Aubrey Plaza’s ‘Coven of Chaos’ role will be hard-pressed to beat her first Marvel villain

Aubrey Plaza attends the 2022 Newport Beach Film Festival
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

To the delight of Evil Hag enthusiasts everywhere, Aubrey Plaza has officially joined the cast of Agatha: Coven of Chaos, the upcoming WandaVision spinoff that’ll see Kathryn Hahn reprise her role as fan-favorite wicked witch Agatha Harkness. The news is exciting, not just because it brings two Parks & Recreation alumni together, but because it marks Plaza’s long-awaited debut in the MCU. But, let’s not forget that this isn’t her first gig in a Marvel production.

In fact, it’s going to be very tough for her Coven of Chaos role to out-Plaza the last time The White Lotus actress appeared in the superhero universe. It’s being reported that Plaza will portray some kind of villainous role in Coven of Chaos. Who exactly the evil sorceress she’ll be playing is, we don’t know just yet, but whatever the part, it’ll be the second occasion she’ll have brought a Marvel Comics antagonist to life. The first came in FX’s vastly underrated X-Men series Legion.

Image via FX/Marvel Television

Legion starred Dan Stevens as David Haller, the most powerful psychic mutant on the planet—who fans know as the lost son of Charles Xavier. Plaza was initially introduced as David’s drug addict pal Lenny Busker, but—spoilers for season 1!—it was ultimately revealed that Lenny was just a form taken by the Shadow King, a sinister psychic force that had been living in David’s brain since he was a baby.

Just as you would expect, Plaza ate up the screen in the role of the Shadow King, depicted as a kind of genderfluid Joker demon, so however electric her on-screen chemistry is with Hahn in Coven of Chaos, her mystery character will be hard-pressed to hit harder than Lenny. She even deserves credit for pioneering the whole “musical moment to celebrate the villain winning” thing long before “Agatha All Along”:

Agatha: Coven of Chaos is coming to bewitch us sometime in winter 2023.