Fans react to that shocking moment on ‘The Bachelorette’ big finale when karma came through

Rachel and Gabby of 'The Bachelorette'
Screengrab via YouTube/ABC

If you’re tuning into the most dramatic season finale of the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette, you’re not alone. The roller coaster ride ends tonight, and it’s been quite a journey. We feel like we’ve aged quite a bit, experienced highs and lows, and we’re not even the contestants.

Gabby and Rachel started the season with high hopes, and regardless of the ups and downs they experienced, they kept believing in happily ever after. It was heartbreaking to discover that Rachel wouldn’t walk away from the series with hers…or would she?

One of our favorite men from this season, Aven, tipped the scales when he showed up to save Rachel from her conversation with Tino, who gets worse every time he opens his mouth, and to save the rest of us too. After seeing the breakup between Tino and Rachel, everyone was ready to go off — including Bachelorette legends Kaitlyn Bristowe, Michelle Young, and Becca Kufrin.

Aven stepped on the stage, looking dapper, distinguished, and ready to catch up with Rachel. We loved the connection between Rachel and Aven during the season, and even if they’re just building a deeply rooted friendship, Rachel deserves to find a person; her person.

When the moment happened, audiences took to social media quickly, and they began sharing their joy at the moment. We’ve all been through a lot, okay? We get to share the joy at this moment too. While we try not to make a habit of rejoicing in someone’s pain, the moment that Tino looked up to see Aven and Rachel take off together was something that felt a little bit like instant karma.

Tracksuit Rob memes are everything.

We love a Florence Pugh moment, and this is the same energy Rachel was giving when Aven asked her to leave with him.

Could this reaction be any more on point?

Oh, but they did; they did bring Aven out in front of Tino — applause all around.

This Tweet wins the best of the night, truly.

They just keep getting better.

The smile Rachel had on her face when Aven showed up was everything. She deserves to be happy and seeing him sure did the trick.

Fans will undeniably be keeping a close eye on social media to see what comes from Aven and Rachel’s time together, and while we can’t be sure which way it’ll go — we hope it works out for the best. Here’s to love, final roses, and a happy Rachel!