Avengers: Endgame Actor Still Wants To Play Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is confirmed to be coming to the MCU in the next few years in his own Disney Plus TV series and now the hunt is on to find the perfect actor to play Marc Spector. As the hero isn’t one of the most famous characters in Marvel’s library, there haven’t been too many actors publicly campaigning for the part. But Ross Marquand – previously seen as Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame – certainly is.

ComicBook.com caught up with Marquand at The Walking Dead season 10 premiere and he said – not for the first time – that he’d love to play Moon Knight in the MCU, having been a lifelong fan.

“I’ve said for many years if I could play any Marvel character… I used to say Wolverine, but now, it’s like, you know what? Hugh did such a good job with that. Hugh Jackman’s performance was damn near flawless, I think. So, I wouldn’t even want to touch that. ‘Cause people would just be comparing it. But, not a lot of people know Moon Knight. And, I grew up loving Moon Knight so much so, if I could play him or even just have an opportunity to audition for it, I would be the happiest guy in this town, for sure.”

If you’re thinking it doesn’t make sense for Marquand to play a second role in the MCU after Red Skull, think again. Gemma Chan, for example, appeared in Captain Marvel under blue make-up as Minn-Erva and will soon be seen again in The Eternals. Plus, Marquand’s TWD pals Danai Gurira  and Lauren Ridloff – also set to star in Eternals – have found prominent roles in the franchise as well.

As far as we know, Marvel is only looking at Jewish actors for Moon Knight, as per the character’s heritage in the comics. A few famous names have been thrown into the ring so far, as we’ve heard they’re on Marvel’s wishlist for the part. These include Andrew Garfield, Shia LaBeouf, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe. It’s unclear right now, however, which one of those actors might be the favorite.

Regardless, Marquand would certainly be a good fit. His well-known knack for accents and impressions could come in handy playing a character with Dissociative Personality Disorder like Spector and we’re hopeful that Marvel will at least consider him for Moon Knight.