Awesome ‘Andor’ concept art shows off the show’s incredible visual design

Andor episode eight
Screengrab via Disney Plus

With the first season now wrapped up, the dust is beginning to settle on Andor. Tony Gilroy’s Star Wars spy drama arrived to very little hype, with many fans justifiably wondering why they should care about a Rogue One prequel revolving around a guy we all saw getting blown up in 2017.

We needn’t have worried. Andor quickly established its bona fides in the early episodes, and kept getting better from there. Now that season one is over, most agree that it’s the best Star Wars Disney Plus series, if not one of the best things to ever come from the franchise. Perhaps the only tiny fly in the ointment was that, unlike The Mandalorian, they didn’t show the episode’s concept art over the credits.

Now, thanks to the official Disney Plus Twitter account, we’ve gotten a tease of what’s going on behind the scenes:

Fans are now looking forward to the second season. Production began last week in the U.K., with Gilroy teasing that the first scene they shot features Kylo Soller’s Syril Karn. Season two is being billed as the formation of the Rebel Alliance, showing how the underground group in the first season gradually became a military threat to the Empire.

No major characters died in the Andor finale, meaning we’re almost certainly getting more of Denise Gough’s Dedra Meera, Faye Marsay’s Vel, Varada Sethu’s Cinta and, mostly excitingly Stellan Skarsgård’s mysterious Luthen. Fans are still busy speculating whether he’s a Jedi or not, but his mysterious weapon sure looks like a lightsaber to us

Andor season one is streaming in full on Disney Plus.