Awesome Posters For New Seasons Of Arrow And Legends Of Tomorrow Are Unveiled


Now is the time when we’re in close enough proximation to fall premieres that networks begin releasing eye-popping posters for new and returning shows. To nobody’s surprise, The CW is continuing its proud tradition of churning out memorable visual feasts spotlighting its various DC TV shows. Just last week, we got a fresh look at the Flash’s new costume and now, we have a couple more for Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

First, let’s take a look at the one for Arrow. Bearing the tagline of “Live to Fight Another Day,” it’s probably making reference to the hell Oliver Queen was forced to endure in last May’s finale, and the tribulations that lie ahead. What’s also to be noticed is that a darker look is being favored, perhaps hinting that, like season 5, the producers want to continuing staying true to the show’s roots.

Additionally, it’s hard to ignore that he’s still wearing the same costume from last season. Each year, new outfits have been donned, even if only minor alterations were made. But since series lead Stephen Amell has hinted at a new suit being on the way, this one may not stick around for much longer. That is unless, of course, he was speaking only of the one to be worn by his evil doppelganger in the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover.

When it comes to Legends of Tomorrow, the Waverider crew’s lineup doesn’t really differ from last year’s, but we once again have to tip our hats to whomever puts these things together. This particular series has had some of the most gorgeous posters of any DC show out there, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this is used as a Blu-ray cover down the line.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW, with Arrow returning for its sixth on Thursday, October 12.