Someone Put Baby Yoda’s Head On Hulk’s Body And It’s Horrifying


Ever since Baby Yoda showed up in The Mandalorian, he’s struck the world as an Internet phenomenon. Clips from the series have been re-edited to feature him crossing over with other properties and the little green guy has even been digitally inserted into footage of other movies such as a sobering scene from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

There’s fan art, there are soup memes, cutesy memes and memes with some rather dark humor. Additionally, this mysterious Star Wars character became a further hit via all the associated merchandise. It seems wherever he goes, whether he’s using the Force or not, the Child’s a cause for comedy and attraction to adorable naivety.

Among the recent slew of images which have been edited to include the little web icon, a Tweet has prominently featured an MCU/Star Wars crossover with Baby Yoda making a grand appearance. The photo from journalist Yashar Ali – seen below – has gained a decent amount of traction and attention from both Star Wars and Marvel fans alike. For some, it may be more tremble-worthy than Godzilla, king of the monsters, or even Tim Burton’s Dumbo statue. It might make you chuckle, or it might make you squirm, but either way, we’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

As you can see, situated atop the behemoth mass of green muscle rests the verdant wrinkled head of the adorable toddler from The Mandalorian. It’s a really bizarre combination, too; the physically strong yet mentally reserved Hulk carrying the mammoth head of a youngling whose chief power is located in his mind.

Of course, Baby Yoda continues to take on a variety of shapes and sizes as more digital masterminds pick him up and start playing with him. And having practically a co-starring position throughout the first season of The Mandalorian, it’ll no doubt be interesting to see what more we’ll learn about the character in the future.