Bane Will Reportedly Return In HBO Max Project In 2022

Bane The Dark Knight Rises

The DC Extended Universe looks to be growing even further thanks to HBO Max and according to reports, a fan-favorite villain will be making their return on the streaming service next year.

According to entertainment reporter Grace Randolph, the iconic Batman villain Bane will be returning to the spotlight early next year on HBO Max.

As you can imagine, following her tweet fans were going crazy with anticipation for Bane’s return, however, Randolph confirmed that the villain won’t be getting his own show instead he will show up within one of the DC series that HBO Max will be hosting.

There is no real indication of which series this will be, but it is likely a new project as opposed to one of the shows that DC already produces such as Titans, Doom Patrol, Batwoman. The most likely of these shows is The Batman Spinoff series which is in production that will follow the Gotham City Police Department.

Currently, in development, this series will take place in the world of the upcoming Matt Reeves movie The Batman’s universe. The movie will launch in October 2021, but there is no sign of how deep into production its associated series is.

Bane is one of the most beloved villains in the Batman series both thanks to his comic origins and his featured appearance in The Dark Knight Rises. We won’t know for sure what Bane’s return could mean until next year, however, just hearing there are plans for his return is exciting news in itself.