Batwoman Confirms Wonder Woman Exists In The Arrowverse


Cool as the Arrowverse may be, it does feel kind of weird when such a fleshed out interpretation of the DC Universe doesn’t include the Trinity – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman – for major crossover events. Fortunately, we’ve seen that change in recent years, what with Tyler Hoeclin being cast as Superman, in addition to Brandon Routh and Tom Welling revisiting their iterations of Big Blue later this fall in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Batman, meanwhile, has been MIA for three years, but at least 2018’s “Elseworlds” confirmed he’s out there.

When it comes to Wonder Woman, well, she’s been reserved for the movie side of things for the most part. Those of you boasting a good memory should recall how Legends of Tomorrow briefly visited Themyscira a couple years back, at least giving the smallest of nods to the Amazon Warrior’s existence. But now, it’s been revealed that, yes, she’s somewhere out there in the Arrowverse.

You see, during last night’s episode of Batwoman, “The Rabbit Hole,” Kate Kane’s ex-girlfriend, Sophie, confronted her about the matter of the new Batman successor running around Gotham City. Having been up close and personal with the Caped Crusader after being saved by them in the pilot, Sophie is obviously aware that the person under the cowl is a woman – and she’s pretty damn sure it’s Kate.

So, when Sophie brought up the subject in conversation with Kate, she flat-out asked her if she’s the new hero in town. Kate, of course, denied it, saying that if she were to don a costume, she’d dress up like Wonder Woman. There you have it: Wonder Woman exists in the Arrowverse.

While it’s reassuring to know that, it calls into question why Diana has never intervened when the world is threatened. In the case of Superman, he lives on Earth-38, so most of his absences are understandable. Batman’s a little sketchier, but at least he has the excuse of having been missing for three years. But if Wonder Woman is out there, it makes no sense that she sit idly by during invasions by aliens or Nazis from Earth-X, let alone what’s to come in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Hopefully this name-dropping pays off in due time.

Batwoman airs on Sunday nights on The CW.