Batwoman Fans Freaking Out Over The Real Bruce Wayne’s Cameo


Ever since Batwoman began, Arrowverse fans have been waiting for Bruce Wayne to appear on the show. We came close when Warren Christie was cast as the face of Gotham’s favorite son ahead of season 2, but he was playing Hush, who had disguised himself as the billionaire. In the latest episode, though, the CW series finally saw the real Bruce appear – sort of – and fans are losing it.

In 2×15 “Armed and Dangerous,” Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) is rushed to surgery after being shot. While in a comatose state, he hallucinates being back at Wayne Enterprises where he meets Bruce (Christie), who encourages him to stay strong and pull through. But, weighed down by everything that’s been going on lately, Luke doesn’t see why he should fight and blasts Mr. Wayne for leaving Gotham in the first place. He asks his old mentor why he went missing, but he receives no response.

This might just amount to a brief cameo in a hallucination, but Christie’s return is still a big deal as it marks the first time that Earth-Prime’s Batman has appeared. Fans were not expecting this development, either, meaning social media became flooded with DC lovers collectively losing it last night, as you can see down below.

Holy heart failure, Batman!

Tears. Tears everywhere.

Christie is receiving praise for his turn as Bruce, after he was pretty underused as Hush earlier this season.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Could he even suit up as Batman one day? Maybe, but let’s not hold our breath.

They’ve gotta give us the real Bruce in the flesh after this tease, though.

Here’s an interesting thought. Given that signs are pointing to Luke taking on his comic book mantle of Batwing later this season, could his interaction with “Bruce” inspire him to suit up as a vigilante?

The series is getting better.

If, and when, will the real Bruce Wayne return? Find out as Batwoman season 2 continues Sunday nights on The CW.