Batwoman Finally Introduced The Real Bruce Wayne


Arrowverse fans lost it last year when Batwoman introduced Bruce Wayne – well, kinda. Warren Christie joined the cast of the show as the face of Gotham’s favorite son, but he was portraying Hush, with the villain being revealed to have undergone facial reconstructive surgery as part of a scheme to impersonate Bruce. In its latest episode, though, Batwoman season 2 has finally gone and done what we’ve all been waiting for as Christie made his debut as the actual Bruce Wayne. Well, kinda.

In 2×15 “Armed and Dangerous,” Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) is rushed to hospital after being shot. While in a comatose state, he hallucinates that he’s back at Wayne Enterprises and reunited with his long-lost father, Lucius. As Luke calls out for his dad, who should appear instead but Bruce. And this vision of Mr. Wayne encourages him to pull through and survive the coma. With everything going on, though, Luke isn’t convinced that he should fight to stay alive and takes the opportunity to question Bruce on why he left his city in the lurch, but he receives no answer.

So, this might just be a hallucination of the real Bruce, and only a cameo at that, but it’s still a huge deal for the Arrowverse as it’s the first time we’ve got to see any of Earth-Prime’s Dark Knight. Despite all the hype for the Hush-as-Bruce storyline, Christie wasn’t given a whole lot to do in the early part of season 2, so it’s great to see him back for this small role as bonafide Bruce. And now that the series has crossed this threshold, that’s got to open the door for the character returning in the flesh, right? We can only hope.

With it looking likely that Batwoman could conclude with its third run, having Bruce come back to Gotham soon would be a smart way of raising the stakes. But we’ll just have to see where the story goes from here as season 2 continues Sunday nights on The CW.