Arrowverse Fans Are Loving Javicia Leslie’s Debut As The New Batwoman


The next year of the Arrowverse kicked off this past weekend with the return of Batwoman for its second season. In many ways, though, the show was starting from scratch, as it was introducing Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder as its new lead, following Ruby Rose exiting the series after just one year. There’d been a lot of discussion in the run-up to season 2 about whether bringing in a fresh protagonist and not just recasting Kate Kane was the best thing for the show. But now that Ryan’s debut is here, most fans seem to be loving her already.

There was much applause over The CW replacing Rose with a black actress, with Leslie noting how she’s proud to be the first ever person of color to play a leading member of the Bat-family on screen. Now that we’ve seen her in action, it’s clear that she was indeed the best actress to take over the mantle of the Crimson Knight and you can see below for just some of the reactions going around Twitter right now.

Her big speech about why she deserves to be Batwoman was a hit with viewers.

“Sorry not sorry.”

Even those who aren’t a fan of the show as a whole are praising Leslie.

It’s going well so far, but let’s hope the quality continues.

And Leslie definitely suits in the suit.

There’s lots of room for great character development, too.


Episode 2×01 “Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?” establishes that, unlike the Waynes and the Kanes, Ryan comes from a poor background. Like both Bruce and Kate, however, she’s lost a parent, as her adoptive mother was killed by squatters who broke into their apartment. She then took to the streets and at 18 was wrongly convicted of drug possession, giving her a criminal record that’s made it hard to find employment or accommodation. In other words, she’s had a tough life, but now she’s got a chance to turn it around and help make Gotham City a better place.

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