New Batwoman Poster Shows Off Season 1’s Big Bad


We’re pretty excited for the launch of Batwoman, which despite attracting some predictable criticism, scored plenty of positive points during last week’s San Diego Comic-Con. As well as learning about the addition of a Batman villain to the first season, we also had glimpses into the effect of Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane on Gotham City, as well as more extended discussions of how important Kane’s sexuality will actually be to the character. And now, we’ve been given a closer look at Alice, season 1’s big bad.

The official Batwoman account shared the character poster to Twitter this week, showing Rachel Skarsten’s Alice over a blood-red Bat-symbol. The accompanying text reads that “Alice has other plans for Gotham” when the series premieres. We’ve seen glimpses of the psychotic Alice before in the trailers, of course, and we’ve previously reported on how the character will be leading a gang inspired by Alice in Wonderland, with similarities to the Joker. She certainly looks quite menacing here, and we can’t wait to see her when the show debuts.

It seems that the first season of Batwoman will follow Kane as she evolves her vigilante identity by taking on Alice’s gang activities in a Gotham being kept together by the Crows, her father’s militaristic private security firm. Alice will make things personal by kidnapping Sophie Moore, a top Crow who just happens to be Kane’s ex-girlfriend.

As fans will know, Alice was added to the DC Universe in 2009 by Batwoman co-creator Greg Rucka as a gang leader plotting to unleash toxic gas on Gotham. However, over time it was revealed that she’s actually Kate’s assumed-dead twin sister Beth, a story arc that Batwoman may explore on screen. Beth eventually joins her sister’s fight against crime after being rehabilitated, taking on the identity of Red Alice.

We’ll find out more about the Arrowverse’s take on Alice when Batwoman premieres on Sunday, October 6th on The CW. Until then, though, tell us, what do you think of Alice as a big bad? As always, share your thoughts in the comments section down below.